New youtube video

I have uploaded a new video to youtube, another excerpt of my Summer recitals. This time it is a bit of Brazilian music, that of Heitor Villa-Lobos. His most famous works for guitar were probably the 5 Preludes, and this is no. 4. So now I have the Walton Bagatelles nos 1 and 5 and [...]

Audio files

I realise that the point of a musical blog would seem to be so that you could post your own music but of course I can't post pure audio which is a bit of a pain. However I can put youtube videos of me onto this so here's a taster. We had two cameras recording [...]

Summer recitals

I performed a series of three solo recitals during August in Edinburgh this year, all of which were based around the work "Jacob's Ladder", by Haflidi Hallgrimsson (recently appointed composer in residence for the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra). I recieved a small 'taster' piece in The List, a magazine following musical events in and around Scotland, but more notably [...]