So for this Eindhoven thing we were told to send the Hall authorities 3 or 4 hi-res pictures for the promgramme. So we sent them 2. I think they are fine and we look shiny. e got them taken by the RSAMD photographer guy called Kenneth Dundas who I also took that photo that David [...]

New Youtube video

Yeah so umm I have recorded on video the Sequenza for Solo guitar by Marek Pascienczny (who is my old teacher from when I went to Broughton), so that'll go onto youtube soon I think. I'll probably embed it on the videos page here as well.

Eindhoven recital

Yeah, so Ian and I, back in I think November played to the Duo Lisme as part of a masterclass in the RSAMD. So they were really nice and took to our playing for some reason, then dedicated one of their pieces in their concert that evening to us. Which was embarrasing of course, but [...]

Concert on Friday

Yeah so umm I've not been here in a while, just been busy or i'm making excuses for myself. There is the PLUG composition festival on at the RSAMD at the moment, so basically nearly all the students must learn some crazy hard piece and perform it. I have the Sequenza no. 12 by Marek [...]