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I had an amazing time yesterday visiting two primary schools in North London for Apollo Music Projects. It was pretty rewarding to hear the kids respond with “this is my FAVOURITE BIT!” when they were asked to use their imagination in describing how a piece made them feel. I think that this skill is actually often lacking in professional musicians…

A number of reactions to Bach’s Prelude from the first ‘cello suite: like a breeze; like a river; and some more bizarre ideas…

“It was like this man has decided to jump off a bridge and commit suicide then he realises he’s actually really good at swimming so he swims happily ever after.”

“In the jungle and all the animals are having a party and then there’s a candle on the cake. But the candle goes in the elephant’s eye and the elephant dies. So the rest of the animals go into mourning. For the rest of their lives. And they take a photo and put it on snapchat.”

I love this.

Talking about Brexit on Norddeutscher Rundfunk (North German Broadcasting) earlier today:,brexit176.html

For those who don’t understand German, a translation:

That’s just the nature of democracy. I am of course disappointed about the result, but we must now look ahead and try to make the best of the situation . There is no way back.

Music remains the language beyond words and argument.


David Lang is pretty damn cool. Who knows of truly great solo electric guitar pieces in the classical genre (whatever you might interpret as being)?

Brutally Early Club

I feel like I moved to London, in part, because I there was a single day where I realised that most of my friends had moved South. But, as Ai Weiwei points out, in the larger cities things today, things are decided weeks in advance and it’s difficult to pin people down: I actually don’t see those friends that much more than I did when I was living in Scotland.

Brutally Early is a thing I really like doing, but I wonder how many musicians would be: a) game for it; b) capable…

Who wants to try? I propose the first meeting to be spent planning the arrangement of John Adams’ complete output so far, for electric guitar and tape, with this as our starting point:

Kaupo and I had a nice few days together in Edinburgh a week or so ago, and he’s posted some early content up on his blog under the title: “When city sleeps”.

See the rest of the set here.

Pre and post Aldeburgh festival activities


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