Schubert edition notes a strictly practical level Schubert was able to keep himself warm, without expense, by staying in bed, where he was often found trying out his songs with guitar accompaniment; there is no recorded instance of a composer taking a piano to bed... Apart from his hilarious turn of phrase, what is particularly comical about [...]

Concerts near London this week

I'll be taking the train down to Faversham in Kent (19/11, 1930) and up to Stansted (22/11, 1500) this week, performing works by Dowland, Bach, Britten, Rodrigo and Ginastera. Check the diary page for details. The above image is the view I had over the course of last week's journey on the Inverness - Thurso [...]

A few more concerts

I've added to the Forthcoming Concerts page the details of, well... some forthcoming concerts. It seems that these first few months of 2011 will be busy. Oh and I also added in a wee quote given by those nice EGTA guys to the quotes page re: a wee half recital I gave in England for [...]

What I’ve been up to

As usual it's been a while too long for me to have left the blog without a post. Aaaaaanyway I've just uploaded a new video to youtube which you can see here: It's just a wee video that's part of a competition application I'll be sending away this week. I've been doing a little bit [...]