I passed through Royal Leamington Spa today, the town my Grandmother grew up in. The last time I was there I must have been 12 or 13, my Dad was driving me around, and we were on the hunt for a guitar that would, when I finally found it, last me most of my teenage [...]

Schubert edition notes

...at a strictly practical level Schubert was able to keep himself warm, without expense, by staying in bed, where he was often found trying out his songs with guitar accompaniment; there is no recorded instance of a composer taking a piano to bed... Apart from his hilarious turn of phrase, what is particularly comical about [...]

Scottish Chamber Orchestra Tour Diary

Tuesday 29 July 2014 A first rehearsal is always something to test your nerves. Even if you know the individual players and conductor personally, playing the first note will alter all previous conceptions – a new dimension of their personality starts to unfold. This rehearsal turns out not to be long, but through the New [...]

Wow some interesting links here

My friend emailed me a page from the NY times on piano competitions, but it's all relevant to guitar competitions. I mean it's pretty obvious, but people forget how it's so very hard to become well known unless you've won a few of these. These guys who win are a particular type of player - [...]