Rodrigo’s Aranjuez with The Little Orchestra

This last week I've had the pleasure of working on Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez with The Little Orchestra, a work that gets the reputation for being a classical guitarist's warhorse concerto, but curiously, that I've performed RELATIVELY seldom over my career so far. It's been really cool to rediscover forgotten secrets, unearth some new ones, [...]

Ivor Mairants guitar award

I won this last year during the end of November, and I think that a review of the competition itself will feature in an issue of Classical Guitar Magazine later this year. I played Slow Blues and Finale from Evocacion for Joe Pass, Sarabanda de Scriabin and La Toccata de Pasquini from Brouwer's Sonata, and [...]

Upcoming stuff

So yeah, on Thursday I will be performing the Rodrigo Concierto D'aranjuez in Hull with the Isle of Axholme Symphony Orchestra, and that should be good. After that on Monday I fly to Liechtenstein to participate in a guitar competition so I must work for that as well.

Eindhoven recital

Yeah, so Ian and I, back in I think November played to the Duo Lisme as part of a masterclass in the RSAMD. So they were really nice and took to our playing for some reason, then dedicated one of their pieces in their concert that evening to us. Which was embarrasing of course, but [...]