ROSL Gold Medal

Was taken by me so I will have a few more concerts on the go soon enough 🙂 There were some photos taken by someone I can’t remember who but I’ll put them up here when I’m able to/if I’m able to. The other competitors were Ashley Fripp (Piano), Suzanne Thorn (Oboe) and Kitty Whately (Mezzo-soprano).

I played the Fete Villagiouse by Regondi, followed by the Ginastera Sonata. Followed by copious amounts of alcohol – I hear my teacher has the mother of all hangovers.

Gerald Garcia also turned up which was so nice, and Therese Saba will be reviewing it or something in the Classical Guitar magazine.


  1. Amazing!! Your Dad phoned us today with the news; we are so glad that we heard you at the ROL the other day, and so had some idea of what you would be doing for The Gold Medal. You must all be floating around several feet above the ground just now ……With our VERY best congratulations, Janet and David.

    1. Cheers 🙂 It was nice to see you again, it had been a long time yeah?


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