Theresa May responded to this song with: "To be perfectly honest I'm not very happy about it. I don't much like it." I made a brief arrangement of the theme of the chart hit, "Liar Liar" by Captain SKA (inspired by our Glorious Leader), given that Election Day is tomorrow. If you haven't come across this single, then do check it out here: My version is in 6/8 and it's taken on a slightly folky feel, which is cute. Feel free to muck about with the score and come up with your own realisations – I'd be really curious to see what you guys come up with. As ever, share if you found this useful, and more importantly, please vote tomorrow… #GE2017 #LiarLiar #theresamay #election #classicalguitar #captainska #captainskauk #corbyn #jezza #jeremycorbyn

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