A few more concerts

I've added to the Forthcoming Concerts page the details of, well... some forthcoming concerts. It seems that these first few months of 2011 will be busy. Oh and I also added in a wee quote given by those nice EGTA guys to the quotes page re: a wee half recital I gave in England for [...]

What I’ve been up to

As usual it's been a while too long for me to have left the blog without a post. Aaaaaanyway I've just uploaded a new video to youtube which you can see here: It's just a wee video that's part of a competition application I'll be sending away this week. I've been doing a little bit [...]

Long Overdue

OK so I've finally uploaded some more videos to my youtube channel, but under a different channel - the other one will be unused from now on. You can view it here. I stuck on some videos of the China visit of last year, too. Hope you enjoy 🙂


Yeah so I played and got to the final and won 2nd prize which was a surprise but hey ho you know it's all good. It's a really nice festival though, and I had masterclasses with Alvaro Pierri and Dieter Kreidler. Kreidler was on the jury along with Dale Kavanagh, Stephan Hackl, Carlo Domeniconi, Jorge [...]


So for this Eindhoven thing we were told to send the Hall authorities 3 or 4 hi-res pictures for the promgramme. So we sent them 2. I think they are fine and we look shiny. e got them taken by the RSAMD photographer guy called Kenneth Dundas who I also took that photo that David [...]

New youtube video

I have uploaded a new video to youtube, another excerpt of my Summer recitals. This time it is a bit of Brazilian music, that of Heitor Villa-Lobos. His most famous works for guitar were probably the 5 Preludes, and this is no. 4. So now I have the Walton Bagatelles nos 1 and 5 and [...]

Audio files

I realise that the point of a musical blog would seem to be so that you could post your own music but of course I can't post pure audio which is a bit of a pain. However I can put youtube videos of me onto this so here's a taster. We had two cameras recording [...]