3 programmes, 3 countries

I really need to start booking UK train travel well in advance - a month ago I grabbed the cheapest unreserved ticket for Scotland-bound trains on 24/03, not quite clocking on to the fact that yeah, that'd be the day of the Easter break beginning... Needless to say standing for 3 hours with two suitcases [...]

Wow some interesting links here

My friend emailed me a page from the NY times on piano competitions, but it's all relevant to guitar competitions. I mean it's pretty obvious, but people forget how it's so very hard to become well known unless you've won a few of these. These guys who win are a particular type of player - [...]

New Video

There's a new video put up by those nice folk at the GitaarSalon in Enkhuizen, of me playing the Malcolm Arnold Fantasy. I'm embedding it below and on the videos page. It should feature on the Brava HDTV European network later this year along with another video of Ian Watt playing the Giuliani Sonata op. [...]

Long Overdue

OK so I've finally uploaded some more videos to my youtube channel, but under a different channel - the other one will be unused from now on. You can view it here. I stuck on some videos of the China visit of last year, too. Hope you enjoy 🙂