3 programmes, 3 countries

I really need to start booking UK train travel well in advance – a month ago I grabbed the cheapest unreserved ticket for Scotland-bound trains on 24/03, not quite clocking on to the fact that yeah, that’d be the day of the Easter break beginning… Needless to say standing for 3 hours with two suitcases and a guitar was not a joy for me or the people around me 😦

ANYWAY. I’m up in Scotland to perform at the James Caird centenary celebration concert on the 29thMarch, an event which will include the gorgeous Siete Canciones Populares Espanolas with the Soprano Lucy Anderson. If you don’t know them/can’t make the concert, check out Asturiana below.


On the 10th I’m headed to Berlin to rehearse for a couple of days with Isang Enders before our late night appearance on the 13th at Heidelberger Fruhling, something I’m particularly looking forward to as we have the premiere of a new commission there! It seems that the late night thing is something we’re making a tradition of – in December we were in Munich, running on until after midnight…


That’s not why I look angry though, I just have an angry face. I’m trying to get over it.

I’m actually quite happy.


Then directly to Graz to perform with Petra Polackova at the International Guitar Week Graz! It’ll be super strange to be back at my last institution of education, but probably pretty nice too. I’ve never seen it during the spring, and the gardens around the Kunst Uni always looked pretty, even in the bleak winter.

Have some footage of typical pre-rehearsal routine!