Third place in the Anna Amalia Guitar Competition for Young Guitarists

Went to me yayyyyyyy

So I got 800EUR and engagements in Hamburg and Weimar (also possibly Rotenburg).

So anyway my exam is tomorrow so please come along if you can make it (Guinness room of RSAMD, 1510), I’ll be playing the Etude 10 by Regondi, the Ginastera Sonata, and the Fete Villagiouse by Regondi again.


    1. Hahahaha thanks, I can’t help myself on forums…
      Gerald is a such a powerful tank of humour, love it.
      I remember in NYGE there was that rehearsal when he went to the toilet and we all climbed out of the window, he came back and upon seeing the empty room, just started swearing and laughing, got to love him.

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